Now I'm trying Linocut ! This technique is first time for me . It's the basic print technique but very interesting .
This is the "Exlibris(book plate)". You can put it inside the book as the proof of your book. I made it for myself this time, but usually make it for someone as present. It is titled "kvety htáčik( flower bird).
I expressed this flower bird as bookmark like a pressed flower in the book :) 


Exhibited in gallery in Bratislava

My works have been exhibited and sold in the gallery named "T- gallery Katka" in the old city in Bratislava.
They are the works I printed last semester at VŠVU .
Please check out my printings when you come to Bratislava :) 
私の版画作品が、ブラチスラバの旧市街のギャラリー(T-gallery Katka)で展示&販売してもらえることになりました。

Yaamii v krajne svetlo

I came back to Slovakia ! Our school still has been summer holiday, but silkscreens teacher accept me to print from today ! 
So as soon as I came to school and printed.
It's one of the seen in my picture book "yaamii in the light country".