Received a prize "the most beautiful book in Slovakia"

Today, I have a good news!! My picture book "Little fat squirrel" that made technique by etching got a prize "the most beautiful book in Slovakia(student works)". There is the exhibition at the gallery BIBIANA in Bratislava from 28th April to 29th May.
Afterward, Our prized books will be hold on the Slovakian national library. Thank you :)

今日は素敵なお知らせです!わたしの絵本、「Little fat squirrel」がスロバキアの最も美しい本賞の学生部門に選ばれました。現在BIBIANAという画廊でNKS絵本展が開かれています。その後はスロバキア国立図書館に寄贈となります。
Najkrajšie knihy Slovenska 2015 "Little fat squirrel"


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